Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long Time No Blog!

Sorry I have not blogged in a few days it has been a busy few days! I have switched classes in school, have been making new jewelry, and trying to keep up with my shop!

So for the school portion of my hectic life. :p I started gym on thursday and it is not nearly as dreadful as I had expected it to be. The only downfall of the class is that it is the first period of the day. Second period I have economics and so far the class is starting off slow, but I can see myself actually becoming interested in the course. Third period is probably my favorite class right now because it is programming II and since I am going tobe majoring in computer science it is a great class to be taking and I know it will be an easy class for me. And finally I have career apprentice fourth period and this seems like another easy class because all I have to do is help out my mentor and write down what I do everyday and do a few projects here and there.

Now onto my jewelry, I have made SEVERAL new pieces I hope to photograph tomorrow so I can list them this coming week. I have made several necklaces in a variety of colors and two more bracelets and numerous pairs of earrings. So keep an eye in my shop to see all of the new inventory as soon as it's listed! :D

Well I am off to my shop and to promote a bit and hopefully I will be able to find a wonderful shop that I can come back here and feature in a few. :)

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